ITsManagedLogo.pngSupporting the person behind the keyboard.


What we do

  • Data backup and restoration
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  • Security and Privacy
  • IT Architecture and Strategy
  • Server infrastructure, onsite and offsite cloud facilities
  • Programmed maintenance & Managed Services
  • Monitoring & emergency response
  • IT support services

Who our clients are

  • Professional consulting
  • Insurance, re-insurance & assessors
  • Financial services
  • Medical facilities
  • Retail and distribution services
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Web & software development

What we offer

  • Seemless integration of Unix and Windows platforms
  • Expertise and the methodologies to reduce IT costs
  • Customer focused, experienced professional staff
  • All Australian facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Australia wide network of technical staff
  • 5 year warranties on critical IT infrastructure
  • Data communications services

Easy, Secure Remote Access

iSRA.jpgiSRA secure remote access. A virtual key to your office systems that can be used any time, from anywhere. Access to all nominated office resources, including data, programs, printing from any Windows PC, anywhere there is an Internet connection. And, iSRA is secure - regardless of the state of the computer it is used on.

iSRA is simple too. Plug in the secure USB key and enter your unique passphrase and in moments you are virtually in your office - even if you are physically half way around the globe!

ITsManaged iSRA systems are available for your current office servers or as an option with on-site, off-site cloud and Virtual Office services provided by ITsManaged.iamaKey_angle.png

On-site Cloud

Typical cloud computing facilities are off-site and therefore out of your control - and with that comes risk. Handing over vital business data brings increased likelihood of loss and, in addition, loss of productivity whenever your internet connection slows or fails. It is a compromise, if the majority of the users of your computing facility are off-site, then it's probably a better bet to put the facilities where everyone can reach them. On the other hand, if the majority of users are in-house staff, then it doesn't make that much sense.

ITsManaged unique on-site cloud solution provides you with the best of both worlds - the benefits of cloud computing without the risks.
Our on-site cloud facilities can be combined with normal 'out there' cloud facilities to give your business a balanced, minimal risk and cost solution.

What ITsManaged on-site cloud is:
  1. Tough, fast and managed infrastructure located on your premises.
  2. Your choice of business systems, including existing systems.
  3. Broadband, firewall and modem included.
  4. Full operational recovery within agreed time of any disaster.
  5. System administration and maintenance.
  6. Nightly, off-site automated data backup and recovery.
  7. No sunk costs, just one competitive and fixed monthly fee.

Example services include dropbox like facilities, email and webmail and "to the office" secure access. We can tailor a solution to meet your business needs.

Secure Backup


Automated, daily offsite backup with file restoration service. Not just a daily backup, but a full archiving system giving you access to any individual daily backup for the past month, the last 12 monthly backups and annual archives with just a phone call.

When you lose a document, the last thing you need is to grapple with backup software. With ITsManaged Backup Service, you call, we restore your file or files - simple as that!

Competitively priced, traditional ITsManaged security, reliability and exceptional service with a human touch.

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